Super Battle 4 Mexico 2013

By   Neo Akira      1/13/2013 09:48:00 p.m.       

Lukus DarkGeese Allen a dado un avance de  sus nuevos Eventos y sin duda es una gran cartelera contando con Bala, Kula,Bart, Luis Cha, Clon  y como invitado especial Diez de Argentina.
Les dejo la informacion he imagen posteada por Dark Geese.

Moving forward though No Buchecha for now, the show must go on as I have an excellent opportunity to make Personal matches for KOF 2002, 2002 UM, KOF13 Kula vs. BALA FT20 , Kula vs. Luis Cha FT20, Luis Cha vs. BALA FT20 to settle a few things and motivate more LDA members for KOFXIII this coming year. Dates stay the same, Trophies will now be for

-Kula vs. Luis Cha in KOF13
-Kula vs. BALA in KOF13
-KOFXIII Tournament Champion
-KOF 2002 Kula-Bart-Diez 1v1v1 Champion
-KOFXIII Invite Only Tournament Champion (Only invited contestants only
-KOF 2002 UM Round Robin Champion

This is also an early logo but may stay the way it is for the time being.

Fuente: Imagen de Facebook de Dark Geese

by Neo Akira

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