LDA News: por Lukus Allen

By   Neo Akira      5/28/2014 01:56:00 p.m.      Etiquetas: ,  
Nuevas Noticias del Team LDA sin duda este Año daran mucho de que hablar.
LDA News: por Lukus Allen

UPDATE: So far things are looking GREAT to Send Luis Cha, Kula Kof Emil and Toshi Higa Valverde to Japan in November for Duelling the KOF! From what I hear Peruvians do NOT need a visa so all we are waiting for now is word from Duelling the KOF ORGANIZER our friend LDA | HUMMER Takeshi Hamasaki to give us the go ahead for the dates!!! The plan is to do a tournament of my own a few weeks before in Japan and have them all stay there for a long time, getting to play people like M', Tatsuya, Oogosho, CAP, Uguishi, Woo, TOKIDO, and others so they will come back with mountains of footage/personal matches (Kula vs. Toshi Chapter II is scheduled to happen in JAPAN FOLKS)..

by Neo Akira

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