EVO Combovid Leftovers

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EVO Combovid Leftovers


-What's this?
-Some combos that didn't make it into the EVO 2k14 combovid

-And why the draws?
-I wanted to represent some of my feelings and how some ideas for combos happened in some way, and I tried drawing, I wanted to draw myself more or less ok,but I don't know how to draw people (in fact, I'd say I don't know how to draw period) and everyone loves cats,so....yeah

-Isn't this cat familiar?
-...N...nope, nope at all

-Really? I think I've seen him in an anime or something
-It's all your imagination...

-But what about the cat from the thumbnail? Isn't that him?
-Ok so,I wanted to ''copy'' the cat from the surprised cat meme but in black, but when I was trying to do the collar I couldn't, so I did a scaf and just after doing it I was like dude,this is him bad drawn. Shoutouts to all the fans of this anime,my favorite anime by far.

-What did you draw this with?


-Were you upset because the stream died during the vid?
-YES!!! a lot,I mean I know it's no one fault,but man, I feel bad, luckly all my combos were shown,but all the volt combos missed,and people worked really hard on them :(

-What do you think was the hardest combo to do?
Adon's combo,by far,tons of ideas and hopes and nothing that I tried worked :(

-Why're you making this questinons and aswers shit?
-I dunno,I'm bored

I had ton of fun contributing for this combovid,I hope I can help out in the future too!. I also had tons of fun making this vid of course!.

The vid at the start is the style v.two exebithion, made by the combovid.com comunity.
The Maj of the e-mail is Sonichurricane, he organized this year's vid, also, his channel is full with tons of TAS combovids, you should check out his channel if you haven't yet!

Also,as said in the vid,shoutouts to Persona, his EX Kyo combovid gave me the idea for that combo!.His channel is full of KoF XIII combovids,all of them are amazing,also he's starting to do vids for Ultra too!

Shoutouts to Desk also,he made the same Sagat combo as me (and before anyone starts talking shit about anything,I made that combo the next day that ultra came out,but didn't release it,so the cradit for the combo is all for Desk,of course).I don't think I have to say anything about him,right? lol

The volt combo I'm talking about in the vid was done by HarlequinRogue, his channel is full of combovid for diverse mobile fighting games ports and some other mobile games vids, you should check it out! Also,Last_Window, CaptYadier and psxsquall also did tons of volt combos.

Lastly,the spanish forum I was talking about was Arcadia Fighters, there are some really nice guys,and the community is pretty active (not srk level active,but still very active) If you know spanish you should check it out too.

And of course the last image is taken from the style exebithion v.three

Style v.two link:

Maj's channel:

Persona's channel:

Desk's channel:

Last_Window's channel:

HarlequinRogue's cannel:

CaptYadier's channel:

psxquall's channel:

Forum Link:

And of course,actual combovid link,5 of my combos made it in,you should check it out!:
Songs in order:
Darius Twin OST: Rilair
DBZ Budokai OST: Move forward fearlesly
DBZ Burst Limit OST: Sky City
This is a long description,isn't it? lol

by Neo Akira

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