KOF02 Death Combo Updates Part 2

By   Neo Akira      7/02/2014 12:00:00 a.m.       

Un Excelente Video de KOF 02,  agradecimiento para  Alberto Espinoza por publicarlo en el Grupo de Facebook de KoFFuneral 


 by ALX
KOF02 Death Combo Updates Part 2

BGM used: Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Original Mix)

Final part of KOF02 Death Combo Conclusion.
No matter whether there is any update or not, no more videos will be released as part of this conclusion. Even though I already holds few updates right after the video was made...

I never thought there would be this many death combos.
Now I am really thinking about making a combo DVD.
[Well, the backgrounds are all the same, I have no interest in changing them all. Besides if I really want to make DVD release, I know I will find some artists to draw some illustrations for each character and cover art something.. that's just too much stuff involved, which is so complicated and annoying for me.

So, DVD thing will only be an imagination, I am afraid.]
Above comment in brackets are no longer true. Please wait for new video release which will talk about the whole situation. This video will probably be released after June, maybe even later, no guarantee.

Thank you.

by Neo Akira

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