King of Fighters XIII - Trial Mode : Takuma Sakazaki

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Regresa Dark Chaotix ahora con un Trial Mode en KOF XIII con el Personaje  Takuma Sakazaki

by Dark Chaotix

It has been awhile since I last did a trial vid, so here is the master Takuma Sakazaki!
2. Have to go neutral then qcf+A/C in order to get normal fireball. If not, DM will come out after f+B
4. Really quick with your inputs for the cA to hit. Also quick on the DM input
5. Shadow small jump is needed to link the fbf+AC when you land.
6. cA is a 1 frame link, and prob the hardest part of this combo. Just have to practice it really. For the SDM to come out after the qcf+A/C fireball, have to input the SDM really quick even tho the fireball hasn't hit yet.
7. Make sure you aren't using a Drive Cancel to link fbf+A/C after db~f+B. If done at the highest peak, you won't do a DC.
8. Initiate the db~f+D after the last hit of fbf+A/C. Timing can be tricky.
9. The first qcf+AC has to be done as soon as you land for maximum height because if you don't, the rest oft he combo will whiff.

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by Neo Akira

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