KoF XIII : Haregoro vs Pam

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Haregoro considerado como el Mejor Joe de KOF XIII lo volvemos a ver en un Ft10 contra Pam desde Nishinippori Versus.

A long awaited appearance of Haregoro in the First to 10 series from Nishinippori versus! Original upload by nico user 書@VERSUS

Haregoro : An old player who we might call a great old presence. His ability blossomed on the original arcade release of KoF XIII, and has mantained himself strong since then. Between his playstyle and movement, specially with Joe in particular, he has earned the nick name 【Killing Machine】 by his strenght.

Will he be able to go through the young Pam?

Pam : A young player from the Heisei era who has shown a great disposition. That strong will style has pushed him to take presence in many tournaments and events.

Now with that youth, he will strike hard at his opponent, that same youth make him shine as a young promise.

Title : 【KOF13CL】ハレごろーvsパム10本先取ガチその1【西日暮里バーサス】
Source : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24681093

by Neo Akira

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