King of Fighters XIII - Trial Mode : Ryo Sakazaki by Dark Chaotix

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Una Nueva Entrega mas de parte de Dark Chaotix de Orochinagi ahora con King of Fighters XIII - Trial Mode : Ryo Sakazaki y a ti que  prueba se te dificulto mas? 
Fuente:Dark Chaotix

Straight into it with Ryo after Takuma!

2. Unlike older KoF games where this link you have to do it fairly quick, here you have to delay the cC a fraction.

5. NM has to be straight after the EX qcf+AC, or else it will whiff.

6. I actually found this to be one of his harder combo in the entire set. You can't do dp+C~A for the fireball to come out, you have to actually to the fireball motion, which is ok since he doesn't have an overlapping DM.

You need to hit the second DP at the right height or else it will whiff. The fireball after the EX fireball has to be done quick or else the DM will whiff even tho it looks like it will connect.

7. Have to get your input right as sloppy inputs lead to the fireball DM.

8. When in HD mode, you can do dp+C~A and the fireball will come out, which makes it easier.

9. Usually trial 9 is the hardest but not for Ryo. Just remember to get your inputs right for when you do EX fbf+AC.

10. When going into HD, make sure you get as close to the opponent as possible. I also do the fireball motion after the EX DP+AC because pressing the button only didn't give me success. The timing was weird I found, so i the full motions. After that, button presses for the fireball was ok to do.

by Neo Akira

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