King of Fighters XIII - Trial Mode : Kyo Kusanagi (60fps)

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Nuevo Trial Mode Kyo Kusanagi por Dark Chaotix de Orochinagi
Fuente:Dark Chaotix

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3. When doing the fireball, do a hcf+A/C as trying to do the regular qcf+A/C after df+D may result in a DP instead.

5. rdp+B into DM is done in one motion, so you do rdp+B then qcf+A/C. The second DP into air DM has to be done with proper motions, so can be tricky.

6. First jDown+C has to be done fairly low so the second one will hit.

7. A lot of player find doing dp and rdp difficult and confusing as speed and timing is required. You can do hcbf+A, dp+C if that helps but I find it better to do the proper inputs. I do take some practice tho to do. air DM is done on the second hit of rdp+D.

8. I think it is probably the most frustrating trial for Kyo as players ill get a DM when doing hcb+B/D into dp+C. There are 2 parts that can help. First one is to not let sC after f+B, BC activation get too close, and do it straight away after activation. This give you a bit of distance from the opponent which allows more frames before doing dp+C after hcb+B/D. The other part is to let the stick go neutral after hcb+B/D. With a bit of practice you will get it.

9. You need to do qcbhcf~uf+A/C for the instant air DM input.

10. Get as close as you can when you do the second sD after BC activation and do the air DM slightly delayed so the followup rdp can hit. Hold the DM down for a few frames before doing NM or else NM will whiff.

by Neo Akira

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