King of Fighters XIII - Trial Mode : Benimauri Nikaido (60fps)

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Nuevo Trial Mode por parte de Dark Chaotix de Orochinagi. 
Estamos al pendiente de su nuevo Cmv de KOF XIII.
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2. Tight link where the command grab needs to be inputed fairly quick.

4. There are 2 ways to do the followup to qcf+B/D. First one is doing it properly which is qcf+B/D~d,u+B/D or the shortcut is qcf+B/D~uf+B/D. During these trails ill be using both methods depending on the situation. I personally find doing it properly is easier but it whatever you feel like is comfortable.

5. qcb+AC is done ASAP once you let the opponent go. qcf+D comes out pretty fast and you want it to hit as high as possible so the second rep can hit.

Also, there is a fairly large window available for the followup, so it doesn't need to be input straight away, which is really good for hit confirming. It helps in these trials as you can time things better.

I'm also doing the shortcut for this trial of the qcf+B/D.

6. To do air qcf+A/C, you do qcf~uf+A/C. If done right you will do a small hope and the air qcf+A/C will come out.

7. Shortcut for doing the NM at the end is qcf+B/D, qcf~uf+B/D, qcf+BD. This will get you the followup and the NM.

8. Air qcf+A has to be done at the highest point of the qcf+BD followup. If not, than the qcf+D will whiff. There is a shortcut for the dp+B into qcf+A which is dp+B~A but I don't find pressing A as reliable as doing the full qcf+A motion. I also recommend doing the full motion as it helps with completing the rest of the trials. SDM at the end is a link, not a cancel.

9. Similar to the above trial, again I recommend doing full motions.

10. A combination of all the trials you have done so far. If you can do the previous ones, this one isn't too hard.

by Neo Akira

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