KOF02 the Journey of Enlighenment

By   Neo Akira      9/15/2015 02:13:00 p.m.      Etiquetas:  
KOF02 the Journey of Enlighenment
the Journey Of Enlightenment CMV
Combo Maker: ALX
Editor: RFD
Music: Super8 & Tab - Suru
Color correction is made when rendering the video, so the graphic won't be exactly the same of what you see in game.
Ranking of combos is my personal opinion, which will not necessarily reflect the true difficulty of combos or enjoyment which viewers can have from watching combos. To be honest, even myself have problems with this ranking, but it's just too difficult to have an definite standard to rank these combos.
Some combos may require Joe to cooperate.
My second personal CMV.
The Journey Of Enlightenment is nothing but a phrase to have JOE as first letters. Well, making combo is sort of a journey of enlightenment.
This CMV is just a compilation of Joe glitch combos, most of them are not so exciting, some even redundant.
This CMV may also serve as a teaser of my project.

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by Neo Akira

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