The King Of Fighters XIV Combo Video ( CMV ) - Vice : Deicide Edition (v1.02)

By   Neo Akira      10/13/2016 12:30:00 a.m.      Etiquetas:  
The King Of Fighters XIV Combo Video ( CMV ) - Vice : Deicide Edition (v1.02)

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Seems SNK kinda patched the deicide loop.....kinda.

So the original loop has been patched where the EX hcf+BD wont connect from a a sD, f+A, EX qcb+AC sD, but there are a few instances when it can still work but also moves that break the loop. I dont know the exact details on who it works or why it does or doesnt but where is what I think.

1 - The only combo where the loop will guarantee work is (in max mode) sD, EX qbc+AC, sD, EX hcf+BD.

Times when the loop will breakdown.

1 - Adding f+A somehow makes the loop near impossible to link after the first rep. I have ( and done in this vid ) linked it but the timing is crazy and not sure if its a 1 frame link or certain characteristics that make it link. I have redone the combo many times and success rate is like 10 %. To me, it seems as tho you have to get EX hcf+BD to hit on a specific recover frame of close sD.

2 - Canceling sD into EX hcf+BD breaks the loop as you have to do EX hcf+BD as separate move and not a cancel.

3 - Doing any attack besides sD seems to break the loop too.

4 - Getting a stun resets the values of the combo.

Whether or not this will be patched again or it was intended by SNK I'm not sure, but technically it is still possible to stun with Vice.

Well, hope you enjoy the vid.

by Neo Akira

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