KOF End of Year 2016 KOF98 FT10: KillerKOF || Fifi (ECU) vs. LDA || Mono (PER)

By   Neo Akira      12/20/2016 12:30:00 a.m.      Etiquetas: ,  

I’m not sure what the world thinks of Latin American KOF98, but this vid shows Guayaquil has come a long way since it’s last encounter vs. CesarDash. I also thought Mono used Team Darkness, but he is one character short- He uses Regular Chris instead of Orochi Chris.
Again according to the World:
Pakistan Believes KOF98 is a Three Character Game on Side By Side: Iori, O. Yashiro, Daimon.
China Believes on Head to Head it’s a Three Character Game: Iori, O. Chris, Daimon.
So when they see any other characters used- they don’t think it’s high level. So again Latin America, you all have to prove that’s not the case! You WILL GET THE OPPORTUNITY, and you MUST BE READY. I am organizing the troops in 98 right now! Ecuador is a great landing spot for Chinese because Chinese do not need a visa to enter! BUT, we still need PERU VS. BRAZIL to see which Brazilians may need to go to Ecuador for this battle.
So far this much we know in KOF98 in the Americas:
Ecuador > Chile.
Peru > Ecuador.
Peru vs. Chile? We don’t know yet we gotta get that figured out. Enjoy the matches!!

Official FT10 Between One of Guayaquil's TOPS in KOF98 KillerKOF || Fifi and LDA || Mono one of PERU's TOPS from Peru. Fifi Wins 10-3.

by Neo Akira

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