KoF XIV: Oswald combo video

By   Neo Akira      4/22/2018 05:31:00 p.m.      Etiquetas:  
Uno de los mas carismáticos personajes de KOF XI regresa KOF XIV  y sin duda el Combo Maker Persona a creado un excelente vídeo de Oswald en su nuevo proyecto.

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The King of Fighters XIV combo video showcasing what Oswald is capable of, be that old, new, practical or impractical.
Once I build a combo, I usually don't make any adjustments or recaptures but while building Oswald combos, I kept finding new ways to optimize his combos which led to a ton of recaptures. People new to Oswald may find him intimidating due to how many different variations you can do with his "rekka" style specials but once you understand them to an extent, building combos for him is pretty easy due to Oswald not having many different routes to take once he starts a combo. In my opinion the most difficult thing about Oswald is learning the right distance and height in order to play around with his wall bounce gimmicks.

01) Hein: Aims for most damage starting with one power gauge and 1000 max gauge. 556 damage.
02) Rock: Aims for most damage starting with two power gauges and 1000 max gauge. 653 damage.
03) Yamazaki: Aims for most damage starting with three power gauges and 1000 max gauge. 768 damage.
04) Whip: Aims for most damage starting with four power gauges and 1250 max gauge. 879 damage.

by Neo Akira

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